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Mapex Saturn Evolution

mapex saturn evolution.jpg

  • Birch and Walnut Hybrid Shell

  • 6-Ply, 5.8mm, 10" Toms
    6-Ply, 6.5mm, 12" Toms, and Floor Tom
    8-Ply, 8.2mm, Bass Drum

  • Black Brushed Hardware

  • Mapex Sonic Saver Hoops

  • Mapex SONIClear™ Bearing Edge:
    45° on Toms, and Floor Tom
    60° on Bass Drum

Shell Set Konfiguration:

  • 20"x16" Bass Drum (ohne Rosette)

  • 10"x07" Tom Tom

  • 12"x08" Tom Tom

  • 14"x14" Stand Tom

  • incl. 2 Tom Holder

    Brutto: 2'650.-

    Netto: 2'250.-

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